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Sander Gilman Visits W&M

By invitation of the German Studies Section of Modern Languages and Literatures, Professor Sander Gilman, Distinguished Professor of the Liberal Arts and Sciences and Professor of Psychiatry at Emory University, was a guest at the College of William & Mary Wednesday, November 17th.

Professor Gilman gave a more informal talk with the title “Whose Body Is It Anyway? Sexual Transformation in Germany (1890-1933)” and a more formal lecture: “From the Nose Job to the Face Transplant: A History of the Authentic Face.” Both events took place in Washington Hall, and were attended by students and faculty from numerous disciplines and programs.
Sander Gilman is the author of over forty books and 200 articles, including: Contemporary Medicine:  Biological Facts and Fiction; Jewish Self-Hatred; Fat: A Cultural History of Obesity; Difference and Pathology: Stereotypes of Sexuality, Race, and Madness; Disease and Representation: Images of Illness from Madness to AIDS; Freud, Race, and Gender; Inscribing the Other; The Jew‘s Body; Franz Kafka: The Jewish Patient and, more recently, Creating Beauty to Cure the Soul: Race and Psychology in the Shaping of Aesthetic Surgery, Jewish Frontiers: Essays on Bodies, Histories, and Identities and The Fortunes of the Humanities: Teaching the Humanities in the New Millennium.

Sander Gilman’s visit was made possible by generous contributions from Arts and Sciences, The Charles Center, The Programs in Literary and Cultural Studies and Jewish Studies, the Departments of Modern Languages and Literatures, Religious Studies, English, History, and Psychology.