Alumni Updates Alumni Updates: French & Francophone Studies

Lonabaugh, Kevin (Class of 2010)

Kevin Lonabaugh (French/Francophone Studies and Biology, Monroe student and Phi Beta Kappa), has just been informed by the French Embassy that he received an Assistantship for next year and that he will teach English in 2010-11 in a French lycée in Corsica.

“During my four years at the College, I decided to double major in both French and Biology.  The decision is definitely one of the best that I have made.  It’s permitted me to pursue a wide variety of interests – I’ve gotten to take the science courses relevant to my future career as a pharmacist, but I’ve also taken many liberal arts courses to develop interests aside from those which directly relate to my career.  I’ve had many exciting opportunities through the William and Mary French department.  I enjoyed taking the chance to participate in a summer study abroad opportunity through William and Mary in the city of Montpellier.  That experience solidified my interest in continuing French and made me want to return for a longer time period.  I’m going to get the chance to go back next year teaching English in Corsica through the French embassy.  I’ve also enjoyed the different classes and skills I’ve picked up in my French classes.  I’ve taken several classes which had strong emphasis on cinema, and my appreciation for movies and film-making in general has been greatly expanded.  I’ve learned how to make films, which is something I had never really considered when I started out here.  It was a wonderful decision completing a double major, and it’s made my experience here at the College truly a unique one.”

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