2011 Chinese Language Teachers Association of Virginia Spring Workshop

This workshop will introduce useful online tools for Chinese language teachers. These tools include virtual office, virtual classroom, tools of preparing for class, learning materials for students, tools for collaborative learning and working in group, etc. Taking advantage of these free or less expensive tools will make teaching more efficient and productive. Teachers should be familiar with these resources and reorganize them to meet their own needs. This session will be conducted in two parts: Part I: technology and Chinese language teaching. It will introduce the stages of development of CALL and some basic concepts in using computers to teach Chinese. The categorized resources available online will be introduced. Part II: reorganization and practical use and of online resources. This session will use the personal collections of online resources to demonstrate how to collect and organize the resources and make teaching more efficient and productive.

See the attached flyer for registration information. Registration deadline is March 14.

Workshop Info

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