First few weeks in Cádiz are amazing!

I feel as though my first few weeks in Cádiz have just flown by! I’m going to be a senior at William & Mary next year, and it seems I have made the best possible decision for me in deciding to study abroad here for five weeks this summer!

There are several reasons I have decided to do just that. I am a History and Hispanic Studies double major with a passion for languages and travel. For me it was not a decision about whether I would study abroad, but rather when and where the experience would take place. I had been thinking about the idea since my first semester at William and Mary three wonderful years ago, but at first did not feel emancipated enough from my own family and home in Falls Church, Virginia to leave for so long without them. Perhaps I still felt I had some growing up to do in that sense.   Well, last Fall I began to feel restless. Despite being blessed with a family who has always encouraged me to see the world, and who has even on numerous occasions uprooted me somewhat by force in to new countries and cultures, I can honestly say each experience abroad brings with it its own, unique beauty. Above all else, I decided to take the plunge abroad all on my own this time around, and I think that that is exactly what is making the experience so rewarding! I look forward to each and every day of this program.

This is our lovely group! 🙂