Granada! Oh my!

This weekend we took our second weekend trip and in doing so we got a chance to visit the beautiful Granada, only four hours away (by bus!) from the University of Cadiz campus. It seems we were able to cram a lot of sightseeing into a brief day and a half.

First, we were able to visit the Catedral in Granada. It was difficult to keep a group of twenty-four groggy students together throughout the span of our brief tour, but somehow, as if my magic, we all made it through the tour safe and sound. Our tour guides Ruben and Antonio certainly gave life to the Catedral’s history. For example, we played a guessing game with architectural terms we had studied in Art History class, which kept me attentive. The day culminated in a midnight excursion to an ice cream stand, and more importantly to a  point in the city which looked out upon the Alhambra, which was the next day’s primary destination, in addition to the Capilla Real.The Alhambra  was full of winding passageways, mocarabe designs, and tons of and tons of water. When we were done with wandering everywhere throughout the day, a bunch of students stopped for wonderful frozen yogurt! How lovely! Granada seems to be more of a student town than Cadiz, and bigger at that. Overall, I definitely enjoyed my brief  Granada weekend getaway, despite the cold I am still struggling to get over. Now, I’m off to do homework. It’s crunch time. 🙂