Build me up Buttercup Baby

Last Friday Jake and I were introduced to the Latin party scene when we attended a Fiesta Latina at the Venezuelan ambassador’s residency. When we first arrived we felt out of place as the only two Gringos amidst a sea of Hispanic embassy workers sporting nametags from an assortment of Spanish speaking countries. Jake and I played our favorite game: guess the country of origin based on articles of clothing. When more Americans strolled in we spotted them from afar usually by their shoe of choice and accessories. Then the small talk began. Jake and I met world travelers, tapas lovers, and salsa veterans. More and more people clustered around the cheese platters and blasting music. It wasn’t long before the music stole the scene and couples entered the spotlight, showing off their dance moves fit for a TV series like Dancing with the Stars. I watched bedazzled by so much sass and hip movement. The inner Twamp came out in me as I stared wishing that I had a notebook or that I could add Latin Dance as a freshman requirement to our curriculum. Our DJ took the festivities to the next level breaking out the karaoke and inviting brave individuals to imitate their favorite tunes. At the end of the night it all came down to a handful of my friends, and a microphone. We steered clear of Spanish lyrics opting for an American classic instead. At the top of our lungs we belted out “ Why do you build me up, build me up buttercup baby, just to let me down, let me down and mess me around!” Cameras flashed and the crowd grew wild… It didn’t matter that we were a bunch of twampy gringos that couldn’t sway to a beat or hold a tune collectively; as the night came to a close we were celebrities.

<3 besos,