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Mari-Kathryn has been accepted into a prestigious internship program (October 2011).

The Russian Section of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures is pleased to announce that Mari-Kathryn Gavin (RPSS, ’12) has been accepted into a prestigious Translate Abroad Internship Program
(School of Russian and Asian Studies, SRAS).

Congratulations, MK!



Translation Abroad is a practical academic program offering intensive Russian lessons and professional, hands-on translation experience. Despite advances in electronic translation technology, there is increasing need for the accuracy and readability that only human translation can deliver. With the world’s exponentially increasing information flows, the growing globalization of business, and more frequent government interactions, there is demand for not only translated literature, but also for technical, legal, and marketing documents. Each of these fields are, in fact, developing into specialized trades because of the particular skill sets they require.