News: Russian Studies

Film Series

The Russian Section will begin its Spring film series, Russians: Cinema, City, Migration, will begin next week (Thursday, February 2nd at 5 pm in Washington 201).  Here is the list of all the movies to be screened, along with the dates and times:

Film Series:

Feb 2, Th 5:00 Washington 201
I Walk Around Moscow (Dir. Georgii Danelia USSR 1964)
Introduced by Vinny Rampino

Feb 8, Wed 6:30 Williamsburg Regional Library Auditorium
Brother 2 (dir. Aleksei Balabanov Russia, USA 2000)
Introduced by Sasha Prokhorov

Feb 16, Th 5:30 Washington 201
Eastern Promises (dir. David Cronenberg, Canada, USA, UK 2007)
Introduced by Rachel Faith

Feb 23, Th 5:30 Washington 302
Another Sky (dir. Dmitry Mamulya, Russia 2010)
Introduced by Sophie Kosar