Fall 2012 More News News: Hispanic Studies

Libby Hennemuth (’13) publishes article on U.S.-Argentina relations during the 1980 Grain Embargo

Elizabeth (Libby) Hennemuth (Hispanic Studies & Government ’13) recently published an article, “1980 U.S. Partial Grain Embargo: Pragmatism’s Centrality to Argentine Refusal to Cooperate,” in the Summer 2012 issue (17.2) of W&M’s The Monitor. Journal of International Studies.

Congratulations, Libby!

With this article, Libby joins other Hispanic Studies majors who in the recent past have published the results of their research in The Monitor: Casey Lesser  (’11), who published “A Confluence of Cultures: The Child Virgin Spinning Paintings of Colonial Peru” in Summer 2011 (16.2), and Nathan Hoback (’10), whose article “A Hollywood Haunting in Spain: Raza (1942), Rebecca (1940), and Commemoration of the Spanish Civil War” appeared in Winter 2010 (16.1).