Graduates 2012-2013

Andrea Russell ’13 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

Picture of me 7For me, deciding to become a Hispanic Studies major took in a variety of factors. I was able to satisfy my creativity by incorporating cultural production (art, literature, film, music, dance….) into my studies. At the same time, the practicality of developing my Spanish language skills was undeniably beneficial to my community, career, and life in general. Last, and certainly not least, I reasoned that majoring in Hispanic Studies would legitimize my wanderlust and desire to learn more about the world. I loved, for example, having the opportunity to study the history of flamenco, or modern art, with Spanish teachers while in Sevilla, Spain. The in-class, all-in-Spanish experiences themselves were fascinating, and our many trips to museums, monuments, and performances added a depth to my understanding that I found invaluable. Being a major in the Hispanic Studies department has no doubt challenged me and tested my limits, yet in doing so it has definitely expanded my knowledge of the world and myself.