Graduates 2012-2013

Christina Rotondo ’13 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

IMG_0062My double major in Hispanic Studies and Government was a foregone conclusion before I arrived at college; although I’m not sure my freshman self quite realized that. I fell in love with Spain at 15, after traveling abroad alone to live with a host family and I have never looked back. Once I arrived at William & Mary, I realized that being a Hispanic Studies major could translate my love of the language and culture into an academic understanding. The interdisciplinary focus of Hispanic Studies allowed me to integrate my interests in political science as well, whether it is the history of the Spanish Civil War or the representational power of minority groups in our society. Through the Hispanic Studies department, I have been able to experience living abroad for a semester, in Seville, Spain. The full immersion in Spanish culture allowed me to apply those lessons while learning in a loving Spanish home.