Graduates 2012-2013

Alexis Higgins ’13 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies

My name is Alexis Higgins and I am a transfer student from New Jersey.

I have always been in love with the French language, culture and history since I began taking the language when I was around the age of 12.  I found it to be so beautiful which is why I have stayed with the language for these many years.

This past summer was my first trip to France, I took part in the Summer in Montpellier Program and it was the most memorable experience with which I have ever been blessed.  Before I went to France I was still intimidated by the language. My plan was that depending on my experience abroad, I would then decide whether I would continue to major in the language or only receive a minor.  My time in Montpellier confirmed the choice of majoring in French because I fell in love with the culture and the country more than I ever though possible.

I had any amazing time in Montpellier and the cities I visited once the program concluded.  The most influential experience I had was learning about the French culture and how we are similar and different from my host family and getting to know them.  I adored my host family and they were always so welcoming.  Each morning I had my “French breakfast” with my host mom Lilly.  As we became closer with one another, our conversations in the morning became deeper as well, to the point where I would have to run out the door in order to not miss the tram with the other girls from the neighborhood. I think the most amazing conversation we had was when we began to compare the problems women face in the workplace. I left breakfast extremely happy that my French mom had a feminist side to her!

My time abroad was filled with endless experiences that I hope to never forget and I am determined to return to France as soon as possible. I hope that wherever my career path may lead, that it keeps me connected to experiences I had this past summer.