Graduates 2012-2013

Rachel Heend ’13 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

IMG_6983_2When I arrived at William and Mary I had always had an interest in Hispanic culture, but I never thought that interest would lead me to declare it as my major. I knew from the start that I wanted to major in Psychology, but It was my “Latin@ Studies” freshmen seminar taught by Professor Riofrio that sealed the deal for me to declare a double major in Hispanic Studies too. Having all my classes taught in Spanish was at first an overwhelming thought, and at times proved to be very challenging; however, it pushed me to improve my language skills, and gave me the confidence to have the best experience of my life in Sevilla, Spain for a semester abroad. Immersing myself in another culture, and being constantly surrounded by native Spanish speakers was so surreal. I became extremely close with my host-family, and Sevilla quickly became a home away from home. After graduation, I plan to complete my masters here at the School of Education with an endorsement in teaching ESL. My dream, which I’m sure will become a reality, is to return to Spain to teach English, and then, obviously, to stop by Sevilla to greet mi familia sevillana con dos besos.