Graduates 2012-2013

Deirdre Gill ’13 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

I am a senior Hispanic Studies major from Richmond, VA.  Since middle school, both in and outside of school, Spanish has always been the subject that most excites me.  I think that the process of learning a language is one of the most fun, challenging, frustrating, useful, and rewarding things you can do. This major has been fascinating to me because of its completely interdisciplinary nature.  It incorporates so many vastly varying goals and interests that cross borders, time periods, and languages.  Topics are relevant, interesting, and discussions are in Spanish so there is never room to let your language skills lie idle.

One of the coolest experiences my major led me to was last semester when I studied abroad in San, Jose, Costa Rica.  I spent 4 extremely meaningful months there living with my tico family and learned such an incredible amount, about the Spanish language, about myself, and about other people.

After graduating I will be in the 5 Year Master’s Program here at William and Mary for another year to complete my Master’s of Education in Foreign Language for Spanish along with a TESL endorsement. I hope, in my classroom at least, to transform the way foreign languages are traditionally taught and instead immerse students in authentic experiences and to really spark their interest in the language.