Graduates 2012-2013

Najoua Benothmane ’13 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies

As a Tunisian French American, speaking 5 languages, I believe that people everywhere are connected and art is a universal language. I was born in the northern city of Tunisia, Bizerte. At the age of six, my parents immigrated to France where I attended Nice University and majored in Foreign Languages. Since 1991, The USA has been my home where I have since taken many opportunities to share my love for the arts.

As a passionate artist, but also a strong believer in community services, I realized that I could extend my civic engagement through volunteering in art. Sharing it with the community came to me very naturally and with an unlimited passion. I am also a vegetarian and an ecologist. Also, my cultural heritage linked to three continents and my passion for the paintbrush opened my mind to the beauty of mother earth and its wonders.

I chose to study French to improve my communication skills and later share those skills with the community. I am currently in the Five Year Program of the School of Education at The College of William and Mary, working on a future Master with an endorsement in the French language. Through paint on canvas and the mastering of the French language, I will I attempt to bring a vision of hope and a vision of peace. My wish of the future is to see a world more united a world ready for challenges and exploration. My experience in the Modern Languages Department has been very fulfilling and in that context, I would like to thank all my French professors for giving me the knowledge and the tools to excel and become a better person