News: Italian Studies Spring 2013

A Year in the Italian House

People might ask you: what does it feel like living in the Italian House? Guys, it feels great. Seriously. The year 2012-2013 was particularly full of events and activities. Besides an overwhelmingly funny and playful atmosphere, the I-House has even more to offer. It’s all about Italian culture, Italian language, Italian cinema, Italian food (…well, to be precise, it’s A LOT about Italian food). We hope that the I-House is an unforgettable academic and personal experience for our residents and students. You start the academic year living with 23 strangers; 9 months later, you find yourself living with your new family.

This year we cooked a lot: we offered 19 cooking classes, we had aperitivo-style gatherings, pizza parties, and a lot of Italian desserts.


 1.We made pizza from scratch.


2.We prepared parmigiana di melanza


3. …and bruschette.


4. We ate a whole lot of pasta: tomatoes, basil, olive oil. That’s all we need.


5. We offered cannoli at our FAMILY WEEKEND OPEN HOUSE.


6. Students and residents made tiramisu’ from scratch.


7. And we had the pleasure to serve four different types of desserts on INTERNATIONAL DESSERT NIGHT.


8. Finally, we had monthly potlucks: food was never enough J.


We watched 22 movies in total: many different genres were chosen, in order to show how varied and interesting Italian cinema is. Neorealism, commedia all’italiana, drama films, even a horror movie. Many of the movies we watched, let’s not forget it, won Academy Awards. Together we familiarized ourselves with Roberto Benigni, Giuseppe Tornatore, Marcello Mastroianni, Gabriele Salvatores, Massimo Troisi, only to mention a few,


9.  10. 11.  12.  13.

We threw parties, we organized open houses and gatherings, and we had I-House volleyball  and basketball teams.


14. Language Houses Volleyball Tournament.


15. European Houses Carnival Party.


16. Christmas Surprise Party.


17. I-House Create-Your-Own-Pizza Party.


18. I-House table at the International Dinner Night.


We awarded our best residents each month and  gave them prizes. We painted two murals. We built our own community made of little big things, but especially made of the best people.


19. Get your I-House 2012-2013 button!


20. Our RA Julie’s bulletin board: “Perche’ siamo orgogliosi di essere italiani?”


21. Don’t you agree?


22. Two of our residents are going abroad!


23. Our (little) Venice.


24. “L’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle”, Dante PARADISO XXXIII, 145.


25. Our last three Residents of the Month with their prizes