Graduates 2013-2014

Jack Jasper ’14 Senior Profile: French & Francophone Studies

Jasper.JI took my first French class at William and Mary out of habit, I had taken a French class every year for 5 years but it wasn’t something I loved. That changed thanks to the French department’s fantastic professors and interesting classes and it is now a subject I thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in. Studying abroad in Montpellier was absolutely my most memorable experience in the program but more than that, it was my favorite experience in my entire time at the College. I was lucky enough to study firsthand the culture and language (and wine) of France, as well as make friendships that will last a lifetime. Learning a foreign language has given me much more than just an extra skill to add to a resumé, it has given me the means to perceive things in a completely different fashion, something that cannot be quantified. Looking to the future, my immediate plans are to travel as much as possible for as long as possible… and either get lost somewhere in the world or find a job, whichever one happens first!