Graduates 2013-2014

Fallon Fitzgerald ’14 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

Fitzgerald.FHi, my name is Fallon Fitzgerald and part of the Class of William and Mary 2014. I am a double major in Hispanic Studies and Latin American Studies. I chose to major in Hispanic Studies mainly to learn how to write and speak effectively in the Spanish language in order to connect with my native Peruvian roots and culture. I’ve had many memorable experiences in the program including my study abroad experience in Argentina and learning about the rich culture of Latin America. While studying abroad, I lived in La Plata for six months and traveled back to my birthplace in the country of Peru for the first time. The Hispanic Studies program has allowed me to better understand and grasp my own identity as a Hispanic and appreciate differences of people and cultures through literature, poetry, films, real life experiences, and relationships with others. In the future, I plan to teach English in a Latin American country and contribute to the Hispanic/Latino population in the United States or in another country in any way possible.

Un abrazo,
Fallon Fitzgerald