Graduates 2013-2014

Antonio Douglas ’14 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies

douglasMy name is Antonio Douglas, a Chinese Major, Process Management and Consulting Minor, and Senior at The College of William and Mary. As graduation looms ever closer, it is funny to think how my Chinese experience started simply as s bid for more credits Freshman year. Nonetheless, four years later I find myself with strong intent to both live and teach in China the year following my graduation from William and Mary. Being a Chinese major has not only illuminated the rich culture and history of China, but has reinvigorated by belief in language’s ability to build relationships across borders. My friend groups and activities look much different now than they ever did back home in Atlanta, and most of this diversity is due to my interest in Chinese. However, no matter how varied my friend group has become or what languages we all speak, our desire to fellowship and be a genuine part of each other’s lives is consistent no matter where we’re from. I believe that this experience has only been made possible due to my time as Chinese Major at William and Mary. I thank God for the Chinese Department Professors and students, who have all contributed to my continual growth as an individual. Should I blessed to be able continue my life’s journey in China, I now have an unyielding confidence in my language skills thanks that will continue to allow me to develop relationships with those I might not have otherwise been able to meet.