Graduates 2013-2014

Gabriela DeCuir ’14 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

DeCuir.G“I will be graduating with a double major in public policy and Hispanic studies. I’ve always loved learning about and experiencing new languages and cultures, which made majoring in Hispanic the perfect fit. Being a Hispanic studies major has also meant a great deal to me personally; as someone with Hispanic ancestry, I feel that my participation in this program has deepened and strengthened my connection with my roots.

This program has provided me with numerous unforgettable opportunities, including internships with both the Hispanic Reading Room at the Library of Congress and the Central American Research Center (CARECEN). Of all the experiences I’ve had with the Hispanic studies major, however, the most memorable was spending a semester abroad in Sevilla, Spain. Through this immersion experience, I was able to continue improving my Spanish-speaking skills while expanding my knowledge and understanding of other world cultures.

After graduation, I will begin working as Assistant Canvassing Director with Grassroots Campaigns, a non-profit in DC that pairs with client organizations to spread awareness about progressive issues. Going into post-grad life, I am grateful for all of the experiences that I have had with the Modern Languages Department that have helped to shape me into the individual that I am today.”