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Second Annual Russian Language Olympics

sochiThe event will be held on  Saturday, March 22nd, 12:00 -4:00 pm, McGlothlin Street 20.

The Russian Language Olympics are a newly born tradition at the College of William and Mary. It gives an opportunity to students taking Russian to demonstrate their language skills in both an engaging and creative atmosphere.  Level 1 students will compete with each other in Jeopardy-style games. Level 2 students will act out skits completely in Russian. Level 3 students will recite Russian poems and present on the significance and influence of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin.

Competitors will have a chance to win great prizes such as RLO t-shirts, mugs, and official Sochi Olympics magnets.  A fair evaluation of students’ performances will be provided by a  panel of judges including:Guest Judge, Pr. Yanni Kotsonis (New York University) and Professors Fred Corney, Bella Ginzbursky-Blum, Alexander Prokhorov, and Lena Prokhorova of The College of William and Mary.