News News: Russian Studies Spring 2014

Russian Studies: An interview with graduating senior Sophie Kosar ’14

Sophie Kosar is a graduating senior with a Russian and Post-Soviet Studies major, who had very rich and fulfilling experiences both at William & Mary and in her studies abroad. Over the course of her studies she published two articles about history and modern day urban development of St. Petersburg.  One of her articles appeared in the Journal of Undergraduate Studies at Columbia University.  Sophie also produced a documentary film The Marine Facade: Underneath Piter’s New Face, which was screened at several  domestic and international film festivals.  During her senior year she worked on a translation project for the Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relation.

Sophie is the recipient of the 2014 MLL Outstanding Achievement Award in Russian Studies, which is given to a graduating senior for contribution in research and Russian language studies, she is a member of the National Slavic Honor Society — Dobro Slovo, and she is the recipient of the 2011 Dobro Slovo Scholarship to study abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia.

We recently sat down with Sophie Kosar for a conversation about her research in St. Petersburg and about her experiences in the Russian and Post-Soviet Studies program here at William & Mary.

Here is Sophie’s original documentary: