Graduates 2014-2015

Katie Sullivan ’15 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

sullivan_katieWhen I initially started taking Hispanic Studies classes my freshman year, it was with the simple goal of maintaining the language skills that I had worked on during high school. I had no idea I was entering a department that would challenge me to change the way I think, and would succeed at it. This department brilliantly combines the study of Spanish language with that of the history and culture of the Spanish-speaking world to discuss greater themes that are significant to all. I am endlessly grateful to Hispanic Studies for exposing me to different issues and giving me the skills to continue to see new ones. This program inspired me to spend a semester in Sevilla, Spain, spend seven weeks in Jinotega, Nicaragua, and directly enabled me to have internship experiences at the Library of Congress and the Embassy of Spain. I have loved both of my majors at the College, but Hispanic Studies is unparalleled in its capacity to nurture while opening minds.

This summer I will intern at the Embassy of Spain in Washington, DC, after which I plan to pursue fields relevant to my work in Hispanic Studies, such as international development and/or work with immigrant populations within the United States. I also hope to continue to explore Spain and Latin America through travel very soon!