Graduates 2014-2015

Megan Rebueno ’15 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies

rebueno_meganStudying MLL has enhanced my education, broadened my worldview, and influenced my life in countless ways. Having studied French for 16 years, there was no doubt that I would major in French and Francophone Studies; however, it was not until I took classes in college that I began to see the benefits my studies would have. Learning a foreign language is always an asset, but my studies in MLL has also allowed me to read great literatures, think critically about these texts, and form my own beliefs regarding the world issues we address. The work I have accomplished in my French classes has also aided in my performance in classes outside of the MLL department, in that I can analyze literatures with ease and express myself well through my own writing. MLL has exposed me to issues and has taught me techniques I would have never known had I not studied French, and my career at the College would not be complete without my studies in MLL.