Graduates 2014-2015

Rianna Jansen ’15 Senior Profile: Russian and Post-Soviet Studies

jansen_riannaAfter studying Russian & Post-Soviet Studies at the College, I have been exposed to many more schools of thought and ways of thinking about the world than I could have imagined just four short years ago. Through the Russian program’s emphasis on film and literature, I have come to realize how much weight cultural texts hold and how they can not only reflect a culture, but help shape it. Now, I don’t know if I’ll go on to be a great Russian literary analyst or film critic, but my education here has helped me to develop my understanding of people and identity, which is what I’ll take with me into my future. Whether that is transferred into teaching, serving in the Foreign Service, working with international NGOs, or a combination of everything, I know that my time here, what I’ve learned, and the people I’ve met will stay with me.