Graduates 2015-2016

Genevieve Spuhler ’16 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

Study Abroad (GS)The most important educational experience I had was without a doubt my study abroad experience. I spent the fall semester my junior year (Fall 2014) in Sevilla, España with the William & Mary program. While the classes I took in Spanish were very manageable, the homestay experience was definitely the most impactful. When you have to communicate your needs and preferences in another language and live on a completely different schedule you understand the culture in a whole new way. Also, Sevilla is such a vibrant and unique city that getting to live there was such an experience…the travel didn’t hurt either. In addition, when taking Spanish classes back at The College I felt that I was able to place them in a broader context after having spent four months in a Spanish speaking country. More adventures abroad are soon to come!

In my postgraduate life I will be working for Aon, an insurance broker, in New York City. I’m originally from Long Island so I’m very excited to be heading back up North. I interned with the company last summer and in my final presentation I emphasized the importance of being bilingual in our current day and age, a talking point with which many of my mentors agreed.