Graduates 2015-2016

Isabel Perrin ’16 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies

Isabel.PerrinMy name is Isabel Perrin and I am a Chinese major here at the college! I had a bit of a crazy life growing up overseas in Asia and South America but my time in Beijing was especially influential. Studying Chinese with Su Laoshi and Zhou Laoshi has been incredibly rewarding, 谢谢您! Not to mention all of the fascinating culture courses I’ve taken with Professor Calvin Hui, who has encouraged me to study and explore my passions, and has inspired me to reach for new heights – having the opportunity to write my senior thesis on the growing wine industry in China was an unbelievable experience, 谢谢您! After graduation, I am thrilled to be pursuing my passion for food and the restaurant industry while moving up to New York City to work for Baltz & Co, a restaurant PR firm.