Graduates 2015-2016

Abby Conners ’16 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies

conners_aFirst of all, I really enjoyed each of the French courses that I took at William & Mary. I learned a lot not only about French & Francophone language and culture, but also about larger applicable ideas outside of the class context. Both of the courses that I took with Magali Compan stressed thinking outside of preconceived notions about people or places — which is an exceptionally useful and important tool to have as a critical thinking adult. If I learned nothing else, it is to be wary of binary systems. I am also overwhelmingly appreciative of the push I received from the department to study abroad in Paris with IFE — which was both challenging but immensely rewarding. I learned more than I would have imagined, found a home outside of my own hometown and Williamsburg, and solidified my personal and professional interests. A French & Francophone Studies major is a lot more than speaking French and reading Baudelaire. It very much molded me into the individual, in both a personal and academic sense, that I am today!

I am tentatively working for Abt Associates in the field of international development, specifically within international health in Bethesda, Maryland. The project that I will be a part of works to protect individuals within twelve countries in Africa from malaria through Indoor Residual Spraying — a preventative measure. I will work on the accounting and finance side of the operation, assisting a larger team with logistics and work of that nature. I am both excited and incredibly fortunate to have found a job working in an international capacity right out of the gate!