Graduates 2016-2017

Mauricio Armaza ’17 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies

Mauricio ArmazaMy desire to learn Chinese, and to ultimately major in it, stemmed from my love of languages. My native language is Spanish and I studied French throughout middle school and high school. After taking my first Chinese class my Sophomore year, the differences between Chinese and other languages fascinated me. From the tonal component to the writing system, Chinese proved to be as interesting as it was challenging. My experiences with the Chinese program at William & Mary have been nothing short of amazing. The program has great professors who have not only helped me with the language portion, but have also fostered an understanding of Chinese Culture. Through the Chinese program, I was able to study abroad for a summer in Beijing. This was an incredible opportunity! I was able to immerse myself into the culture and expand my language skills while visiting amazing sites like the Great Wall and The Terracotta Army. The Chinese Program at William & Mary has been an integral and unforgettable part of my time here at the College.