Graduates 2016-2017

Meredith Wolf ’17 Senior Profile: German Studies

WolfTransferring to W&M has been a roller coaster, but one of the highlights has been being involved with the MLL department. I started taking German a year and a half ago at W&M and it’s easily the skill I’ve gained here of which I’m most proud. I loved going to Professor Jeltsch’s German class every day, and eventually going to Germany with Professor Campbell via the W&M Potsdam program. I had so much fun taking a TFL course and being a TA for the German department with Professor Gully this semester. Now I’m proud to say I am accepting a Fulbright ETA grant to Germany. All of my best experiences at W&M can be tied back somehow to the MLL/GRMN department. Thanks for everything!

This pic was taken in Berlin during the Potsdam Program 2016. Seems fitting to have sat next to “Bertolt Brecht” on my journey through German language and literature!