Graduates 2016-2017

Neal Courter ’17 Senior Profile French & Francophone Studies

Neal Courter_PhotoThrough the MLL department, I’ve had the opportunity to take both French and German classes from inspiring, engaging, and genuinely kind professors. I’ve been not only a student, but also a tutor, TA, and grader, allowing me to share my knowledge and passion for foreign languages with other talented students, many of whom I can now call my good friends. My experiences studying and researching for two summers abroad have taught me to connect with and appreciate people who come from significantly different backgrounds and cultures from my own. Through my classes, I’ve developed analytical thinking and writing skills that I’m proud of and that will serve me well in the future. Thanks to my competitive gymnastics background, I plan to audition to be a stunt performer at Walt Disney World in Orlando and work as a gymnastics coach and aerial instructor. Long term, I might attend graduate school or pursue teaching abroad. I hope to maintain contact with my W&M friends and professors, as well as those abroad, for a long time to come. It’s a big world out there, and majoring in a foreign language at W&M has prepared me to explore and engage in it!