Graduates 2016-2017

Vitaliy Humenyuk ’17 Senior Profile: German Studies

Vitaliy Humenyuk (2)I was born and raised in Chortkiv, a beautiful city in Western Ukraine.
Ever since I can remember, I have always been passionate about learning new cultures, languages and the history of Europe and hoped for a greater opportunity to see and experience the world, face new challenges, and become part of the place with such a renown and proud name as The College of William & Mary. And one beautiful day my dream came true.

William & Mary has changed my life in immeasurable ways. The values which are taught here, the diversity of the faculty and students, the immense variety of course offerings and the support offered to me afforded me to grow and develop in the ways that were not imaginable before enrolling in William & Mary. This environment, in which I feel totally accepted, has, in turn, challenged me to excel and inspired me to become a US Citizen.

In my academic journey from taking English as a Second Language classes to completing European and German Studies Programs, I found a passion for pursuing new challenges in the field of international law. I am inspired to serve our community, our nation and our world and wish to dedicate myself to that role in the future.