News: German Studies Spring 2019

Delta Phi Alpha: New Member Initiation, 2019

German Studies is proud to acknowledge the 2019 members of our German Honor Society chapter. The ceremony took place at W&M’s German House on Saturday, April 13, 2019. Our inductees, in alphabetical order, are: Grace Bruce, Manasi Deorah, Ziyi Fu, Nadege Lebert, Emily Maison, Kelsey Marshall, Meredith Radel, Patrick Salsburg, Daniel Sheaffer, Lou Sheridan. Lena Böse, our outgoing German House Tutor, has been inducted as an Honorary Member! Congratulations!

Delta Phi Alpha also provides funding opportunities for its members. Be sure to consult and apply!

Veronika Burney, Grace Bruce, Amanda Fu, Nadege Lebert, Patrick Salsburg, Lou Sheridan, Lena Böse, Jennifer Gully