News: Japanese Studies Spring 2020

International Fellow Rina Okada

Rina Okada, the International Fellow for Japanese Studies, is a wonderful asset to William & Mary. Students enjoy her enthusiasm and compassion both in class and in the Japanese Language House. This summer, she will teach a Japanese Intermediate’s course.

Ms. Okada is a native of Kyoto, one of Japan’s oldest cities. She enjoys sharing lessons about Japanese culture and manners with the students. She brings to William & Mary a wealth of knowledge about the history and tradition found in the architecture of her hometown’s numerous temples and shrines. She can educate students about the city’s unique blend of traditional and modern elements and offer information about some of the hallmarks of Kyoto such as green tea and famous Japanese sweets with amazing flavor that is only matched by their beautiful presentation.

Ms. Okada earned a certificate in Japanese Teacher Training from Washington University in St. Louis through the ALLEX Foundation and a master’s degree in Education from the University of Southern Indiana, where she taught Japanese language to American undergraduate students for two years. She also taught Japanese language to international students in the CET Program at Osaka Gakuin University in Osaka, Japan. Although much of her experience is in the classroom, she eagerly accepts the challenge of assisting students both in the class and in the Japanese Language House. William & Mary is excited to continue working with such a reliable, hard-working International Fellow for Japanese Studies. Her consistency and dedication to the students will serve the college community well.

Ms. Rina Okada
Ms. Rina Okada