Graduates 2014-2015

Leah Marty ’15 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies

marty_leahI began studying Mandarin Chinese during my freshman year of high school, and since continuing into higher education I have only grown more and more fond of and fascinated by the language. During my study abroad in the summer of 2013 I experienced first hand the vibrancy of Beijing, the worldwide impacts of globalization, and the widening of cultural horizons that can only come from international travel. More than simply contrasting the differences between Chinese and American culture during my studies, I also learned how to see elements of each culture in the other, and subsequently more of myself in others who at first glance might seem very foreign. I’ve learned that although most have obvious differences, any two cultures are truly more alike than different, and that it is because of this that we should continue to promote intercultural acceptance and understanding, which includes the study of foreign language.