Graduates 2014-2015

Olivia Wilkinson ’15 Senior Profile: Russian and Post-Soviet Studies

wilkinson_oliviaI’ve always had a knack and a love for learning languages, so the idea that I would study one throughout my three years here at the College was not one that surprised anyone. Yet I remain surprised by what Russian gave me in return for my loyalty to it. In particular, I learnt much about myself, my own capabilities, and what I am able to do, even when in a completely new environment. Before taking Russian, challenges were something I shied away from or gave up easily on. Now, after studying Russian, and studying abroad in St. Petersburg, I have a new perspective on facing them, which I can now bring with me to my future career. Without Russian, I would not have found the self-confidence and determination to face new challenges, fail, and start again, even when it seems too hard to do so.