Graduates 2014-2015

Sarahbeth Rabin ’15 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies


I am thrilled to be graduating with a double major in Hispanic Studies and Psychology. Despite my love for Spanish, I came into College convinced I was going to be a Government and Psychology major. Although I liked the Government classes, it was my Hispanic Studies classes that I truly felt passion about. Introduction to Hispanic Studies informed me of cultural and societal issues and challenged me to find solutions. I found my Hispanic Studies classes relevant and applicable to real world contexts. From engaging in Librotraficantes, a class that allowed my fellow peers and I to fight against book banning to gaining a new appreciation for Spain in Modern Spanish Culture and Landscapes of Spain, the Modern Language Department has aided to my growth as an individual and as a student.

One of my most meaningful experiences at the College and through the Modern Language department was studying abroad during my junior year summer in Cadiz, Spain. The experience of entering a foreign culture is exhilarating. Through this experience I pushed myself to new boundaries with the language, and gained a new cultural appreciation. The completion of an extensive research paper and two immersive courses mark some of my proudest accomplishments within the College. I am incredibly thankful to have had this experience.

I hope to continue to utilize my love for Hispanic Studies in the future. I will be attending Law School and the College of William and Mary with hopes to represent minorities in the court of law. William and Mary’s strong language department and faculty have opened me to many new opportunities and I choose to use my comprehensive educational background to empower others.

Un abrazo,
Sarah Beth Rabin