Playa Victoria!

This weekend is our very last one in Cadiz. Two nights ago, we had the wonderful opportunity to witness a real Flamenco performance and feast on tapas! And, to make sure that we could take advantage of this weekend to the fullest extent, my roommate and I set some time aside to make sure to visit Playa Victoria, a beach site not far from our house.

We took the bus at around 11 this morning, and headed out to the beach, bocadillos (sandwiches) in hand! There, we swam, we sunbathed, and we ate. Afterwards, we were off to do work at Cafe Camacha, a local cafe with internet access, with a large American clientele.

We also met a neighbor in our apartment building today. This was experience I will never forget, because she invited us into her apartment, though we were almost complete strangers and showed us her entire house.  She proceeded to show us pictures of all her children and grandchildren and we told her about our program and our stay here.

It seems like many students on our trip are using this weekend to finish up their research projects, since it is the very last opportunity to do so. We also have two final exams next week. It seems the bittersweet end to the program is fast approaching, but many activities are yet to come! 🙂