Graduates 2012-2013

Ellie Kaufman ’13 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

I am a senior currently double majoring in Hispanic Studies and English at the College. As a Modern Languages student, I have been able to take courses geared towards my Hispanic Studies major and courses geared toward a future career as an English teacher abroad. Through my course load, I have immersed myself in both Latin American and Spanish history, culture, and literature.

The most valuable experience I have gained as a William and Mary student and a Modern Languages student has been my time spent abroad. Through the Reves Center, I have been able to study both in Cádiz and Sevilla, Spain. I am currently completing my semester abroad in Sevilla, and the language immersion and personal experiences are much more than I could ever have asked for in my study of a foreign language. I hope to carry my academic experiences both at home and abroad with me after graduation as an English teacher abroad or as an international journalist.

Learning another language is more than just being able to talk to someone with different words. Learning a language involves a serious amount of patience, determination, and the ability to open your mind to the endless differences found in cultures around the world. As a student studying Spanish, I have learned vocabulary, grammar, and a very important sense of cultural relativity.