Graduates 2012-2013

Angela Hales ’13 Senior Profile: French and Francophone Studies


My name is Angela Hales, and I’m currently a senior at William and Mary graduating with a double major in French and Interdisciplinary Studies, with a concentration in Linguistics.

My interest in French began in the eighth grade and grew throughout high school, where I had a superb mentor in my French teacher, Madame Fowler-Jones. I was fortunate enough to travel to France twice during high school on short educational trips organized by Madame. My interest in languages and their structure led me to continue my studies in French as well as Linguistics at William and Mary. The professors in the College’s French department are exceptional. My French major advisor Professor Giulia Pacini has been an excellent resource for all things Francophone and has encouraged me to challenge myself throughout college. I especially enjoyed my summer study abroad trip to Montpellier, France, led by Professor Michael Leruth. Immersion in the French language and culture even for a short time helped me to improve my language skills.

Studying a modern language is extremely important; it opens up many interesting career possibilities! Following my graduation this December, I hope to teach English abroad in a Francophone country. I plan eventually to attend graduate school and obtain a master’s degree in Bilingual Education.

À bientôt!

Angela Hales