Graduates 2012-2013

Jessie Gumz ’13 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

Jesse photoMajoring in Hispanic Studies means being able to contribute to the ongoing development of the field.  As a major, I felt encouraged to conduct scholarly pursuits even when I was only starting, and that encouragement has remained.  The Hispanic Studies program at W&M is very inclusive.  All students are rewarded for the effort and thoughts that they bring, even if they are from different disciplines.  I would recommend all majors in the field to go abroad at some point, as it’s an excellent opportunity to combine one’s academic knowledge with a sort of knowledge gleaned from personal experience.  After majoring in Hispanic Studies, I do feel that I have improved my ability in Spanish.  However, when it comes to my understanding of the peoples that use the language, I respect that I have much yet to learn.  I believe though that the Hispanic Studies major has equipped me with the curiosity and knowledge to do that further learning.