Graduates 2013-2014

Laura Bolger ’14 Senior Profile: French & Francophone Studies

Bolger.LI was especially excited to give a presentation at the departmental research festival this year, remembering how impressed I had been when I first attended the event as a sophomore. This personal and intellectual growth would not have been possible, were it not for the challenging and supportive community of the French department. Living in the French house has also shaped my college experience in a profound way. As a transfer student, I struggled to find my place at William and Mary until I discovered the crazy, wonderful people who made my junior and senior years incredible. I also have my professors to thank for encouraging me to study abroad. Although I have loved French since middle school, it wasn’t until my semester in Paris that I decided to be a French major. I fell so in love that I had to go back! Next year, I will be an English teaching assistant at a primary school in the Bordeaux area.