Graduates 2013-2014

Paula Billingsley ’14 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

Billingsley.PI originally chose to major in this discipline to broaden my understandings of communities and experiences in the US, Latin American and Spain while improving my language skills. Memorable experiences I have had in the program include my work and time as a Sharpe scholar my freshman year through a course on Ethical Fashion, engaging seminar conversations in classroom settings and with professors, my senior seminars and especially my time abroad in Sevilla, Spain. There I engaged with a local community through an unforgettable service learning experience working with individuals from a range of Latin American and European countries. I could not speak enough about this abroad experience and am so grateful to the program for the incredible opportunity!

For me, the Hispanic Studies major has meant analyzing larger social, cultural, and historical contexts of various perspectives. It has meant learning that all voices offer insight but not all voices are always heard. It has also meant examining my own perspective in larger social contexts and in cross-cultural exchanges. The discipline has exposed me to diverse representations and histories in ways that will allow me to better understand information, complex social issues and cross-cultural interactions in future endeavors.

My post-graduate future plans remain up in the air! My varying interests may lead me to pursue a career in public policy, communications or a political-science related field more generally. Currently I am applying to jobs and look forward to the next chapter of life! As for long term plans, I hope to pursue social and political advocacy in some way and plan on applying to graduate school within a couple years. I would like to thank the entire Hispanic Studies department, especially my professors and my advisor Professor Stock, for their guidance and support throughout these past four years!