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Terrence Mack (German Studies and IR, ’15) receives Robert Gates Scholarship

TerrenceGerman Studies and IR student Terrence Mack has received the prestigious Robert Gates Scholarship for Summer Study from the College. Terrence will spend the summer studying German language, literature, and culture at the Universitaet Potsdam. Upon hearing the news, Terrence said this: “The Robert Gates Scholarship news was amazing. When I applied for it and asked my German professors Robert Leventhal and Bruce Campbell for letters of recommendation, I didn’t really believe I would be chosen. I was only trying to make sure I pursued every possible avenue to study abroad since I have never been outside the country before. This scholarship has opened many new doors for me. Now I can spend an entire summer working on my fluency in the language, immersed in German culture. I am incredibly grateful to Robert Gates and the German Studies faculty for all the support and lessons they have taught me the last 3 years. It was the best decision I have made in College to double major in International Relations and German. I owe Bruce Campbell and Robert Leventhal a majority of the credit for my success. Without their support and guidance, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.I would advise any student at the College of William and Mary interested in a language to spend time in the German Department. The teachers are the most supportive group I know and invest everything they have in making sure their students succeed.” Well, the credit goes to you, Terrence, for your incredible accomplishments in German Studies at W&M in the last two years!