Graduates 2016-2017

Catherine Smiley ’17 Senior Profile: Chinese Studies

Catherine SmileyI am so proud to be graduating from William & Mary with a degree in Chinese! I remember the first time I saw Chinese writing I was incredibly intrigued by the beautiful characters. As I grew older, I developed a dream to become proficient in another language and decided that I wanted to pursue learning Chinese. In middle school, I attempted to learn Chinese on my own. I did not progress as well as I had hoped and I was eager to take actual classes once I started college even though I also wanted to pursue the pre-medical track. After really enjoying a few of my Chinese classes, I decided to turn my passion of learning Chinese into my college major. It has been a pleasure to be part of a small group of Chinese majors and getting to know the professors and other students well. I will always fondly remember my experience studying abroad for a summer in Beijing. Visiting China was an incredible experience and I hope to return! As for my immediate future, I hope my knowledge of Chinese culture and language will help me in medical school and beyond. I believe this experience will help me to better engage with a wide array of with patients, other physicians, and research.