Graduates 2016-2017

Nathan Setka ’17 Senior Profile: German Studies

Nathan SetkaMy time with the German Program at William & Mary has been a focal point of my college experience. Coming from a military family, I spent my high school years actually living in Germany. The German program at W&M allowed me to continue learning the language, immerse myself in the culture, and gave me opportunities to go back to Germany. The summer after my freshman year I studied abroad in Potsdam and finally grasped the language at a deeper level because of the program’s host-family option. I still keep in contact with my host-siblings and will remember all of those summer adventures with my classmates forever. As for the future, I plan on returning to Germany; however, this time it will be as an Air Force officer, like my dad. With my control of the language (thanks to W&M), I hope to facilitate friendly and beneficial relationships between Germany and the US. At the same time, I hope to find some time to explore the rest of Germany and make friends around the world. But don’t worry, I’ll be sure to come back and visit my old professors. Auf Wiedersehen!