Graduates 2016-2017

Mary Nichols ’17 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

15259200_10209556889293440_1840910966325244203_o“Ology” means the “study of”, and “psyche” means the “soul”. Although my primary major is Psychology, I’ve learned so much about the “psyche” in my Hispanic Studies courses. I’ve learned about the “Naked Soul” in the Argentinian writer Alfonsina Storni’s poetry, the struggle to maintain a national identity in Zapatista and Basque culture, the erecting of monuments of memory in Spanish literature, and the dissociation of the human and national bodies in dictatorship cultures in Nicaragua. I lived and thrived for two years in La Casa Hispánica, learning from the diversity of thought, majors, and experiences from a select and special group of people, with whom I’ve developed lasting and cognitively deep relationships. I can’t imagine William and Mary without them. My own “psyche” is eternally indebted to this wonderful group of scholars, mentors. and friends. I will never be able to thank you enough.