Graduates 2016-2017

Robert Bohnke ’17 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

Robert BohnkeThe Hispanic Studies department has given me amazing opportunities to develop language skills and travel during my four years at W&M. Through one summer spent in Cádiz and a semester in Seville, I’ve had some incredible adventures on Spain’s beaches, rail lines, and city parks. Volunteering at a local pool, biking around Seville, and going to concerts while abroad were some of the best moments of my college experience. The people I had these adventures with will never be forgotten. I’m especially thankful to the Hispanic Studies professors who went out of their way many times to provide me with opportunities to do research and become a TA. These opportunities were, at times, more than I was fully able to take advantage of. Nonetheless, I believe that studying Spanish here has been the single most important factor in helping me to make the most of these short four years