Graduates 2016-2017

Seriah Brown ’17 Senior Profile: Hispanic Studies

BrownSeriahThe most memorable thing that I will take with me is that my professors of the Hispanic Studies Department truly care. They exhibited “One Tribe, One Family” to the highest degree as they advocated on my behalf during all five years of gaining my Bachelor’s. They stood by my side in making the hard decision of taking a medical withdrawal to rest up and they stood by my side throughout my entire pregnancy. If it was not for the awesome faculty that we have here, I would have not finished as strong as I have. My professors have seen me at my worst and at my best. They have provided endless support and laughter. Being able to walk across the stage as a graduate and as a new mom is the most meaningful moment of my academic career. Right now, I am focusing on resting up further and spending time with my son, but my hope is to get my Master’s in the upcoming year and put my skills that I have gained during my academic experience to use as an advocate within my own community.