Graduates 2017-2018 Spring 2018

Senior Profile: Emily Cuello (French and Francophone Studies, 18)

CuelloI had an incredible experience with the French program. I originally intended to take a few classes for fun, but after taking just one class, I wanted to keep taking classes. I learned how to critically think about literature, art, film and music. Professors in the French department provided me with a deeper understanding of French and Francophone studies. I’d say one of my most meaningful experiences was being able to study abroad in France. I learned so much about France, my French improved significantly. It also allowed me to have a new understanding of French culture and when I got back I was able to apply those same skills to classes here. I will be forever grateful for our French professors I have had because they have encouraged me to push myself to be a better student. Also through this program I have developed a deep love for France.